The Pitch

ZERØ SENSE: 25 collectors. 25 tokenized digital pieces. One high-yield asset wrapped in an anonymous, speculative, multi-dimensional landscape. Only you can define beauty in the unknown.

Additionally, the digital assets will be viewable in a physical gallery space using specialized technology (called Monocle) that works directly from anyone’s phone, no special downloads necessary.

It’s going to change the way NFTs integrate with the real world, and it’s your chance to join the first iteration of this spectacle. Collectors are encourage to apply. Spots are capped at 25. Applications will be vetted by the Zerø Sense team. You'll be contacted shortly after application.

Who are we Looking for?

We're looking patrons of the arts—both digital and physical—who want to publicly elevate artists, network with other collectors, and compete in the digital space.

And if you’re new to the crypto/NFT/digital space, we can help you through every step of the way.

What do collectors do?

With a $1,500 buy-in, collectors will view the pieces and bid for their selection position. Highest bidder gets first pick of the 25 pieces. Bidding will then open again for 15 seconds, and the new highest bidder will get second pick. So on and so forth until all pieces have been acquired. In other words, the more money you put up, the more likely you are to get the piece you want. Will you take home the most valuable piece, or the piece most valuable to you?

What's in it for Collectors?

You have a unique chance at acquiring a high-value NFT for a relatively low price or increasing the value of a lesser-known artist. It’s a great networking opportunity with artists and movers and shakers in the crypto space.

Who are the top Artists Featured?

Wes Henry, one of the top 20 NFT artists by sales volume in the world, has garnered the attention of millions and generated millions in revenue as a digital fine artist.

“A promise to all collectors: Art is my life. I will continue to improve until the day I die. I am just getting started." —Wes Henry

Official Website // Open Sea Collection // Twitter // Instagram 

Chet Zar is known for his creepy, dark, and classical approach to oil painting, Hollywood special effects, and mesmerizing visuals for the band TOOL. One of a handfull of elite artists to mint on SuperRare, his last piece sold for 3.1 Eth ($9,566).

“Wanna do something smart with your money? Invest in a Chet Zar painting.” —Adam Jones of TOOL

Official Site // SuperRare Collection // Foundation Collection // Twitter // Instagram

All of our artists have provided absolutely amazing work, they’re just lesser known…for now.

When is it?

Thursday, May 26, 2022 @ 6:30 PM
The Exchange, Salt Lake City, UT.

Timeline of events