Will Sense or
CEnts Prevail?

Join the most unique Cryptopia SLC afterparty

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Join the most unique Cryptopia SLC afterparty

25 collectors. 25 tokenized digital pieces. One high-yield asset wrapped in an anonymous, speculative, multi-dimensional landscape. Only you can define beauty in the unknown.

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What is Zerø Sense?

Zerø Sense is an augmented reality NFT art show that breaks the stereotypes of artistic and speculative value. By providing an anonymized digital experience in a physical environment, collectors are left to rely on their own sense of value and beauty while battling assumptions in a competitive auction.

This show begs the question, "What is value?" Does it belong to resell or emotion? Capitalization or connection? Where do these things intersect? Each collector gets to decide the answer for themselves in this innovative experience.

How does it work?

The show includes an unique anonymized and randomized selection system that encourages gamesmanship among collectors and rewards a sharp eye and bold action.

Strategic Scouting

7:30–8:30 PM

Open viewing for collectors to assess each piece and assign personal value.

Unified Assessment

8:30–8:45 PM

Selection order displayed, bid controllers dispersed, let the games begin.

Decisive Execution

8:45–9:00 PM

Selection commences. 15-second countdown is activated per collector.

Participate as a Collector

Date, Time & Venue

Thursday May 26th, 2022
7:30–9:00 PM at The Exchange

32 Exchange Pl
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Interested in Participating?

If you are an artist, collector, media outlet or are otherwise interested in participating in the Zerø Sense show, please contact usfor more information—we'd be happy to reach out to you personally.